Are you happy with your compressed air systems, We are here to make you even more happier. Turbo Compressor sets standards of Compressed Air Efficiency and the way you own-use manage your pneumatic systems. Pneumatics has till date been seen as a Utility Cost Centre rather than a Integral Part of your production system. We at turbo Compressor are committed to make difference to the way you look at your pneumatic systems. With a strong Back ground of cumulative pneumatic systems experience of more than 40 Years, we present to you our range of products and Services as below;

Refrigeration Air Dryers

Inlet Ambient Air contains Water Vapor. This vapour passes on with your Compressed Air Systems into your production ecosystems and can cause damage. Turbo Compressor Refrigeration Air Dryers ensure maximum water vapour removal, leading to 99% Moisture Free Air, with minimum pressure drop. Features of using a Air Dryer are Minimal Pressure Drop means Enhanced Savings, Intelligent Condensate Handling, Simple design leading to easy servicing, Efficient Condensate Separator and it has a very user friendly operation.

Oil Lubricated Screw Air Compressors

Turbo Compressor Oil Lubricated Screw Air Compressor provides you world class design and technology you have been looking for. It consists of a Large Rotor leads to Low speed lowering power consumption, No vibration and low noise, Superior Air Inlet model leads to extended life, Energy Efficient Cooling method, Industry leading, Intelligent, fully automatic control panel, Apart form required virtues of dependability, durability, air consistency Turbo Compressor Screw Air compressor came with Low Initial Cost, Substantial low operation cost including spare parts, Extended warranty. All this leads to a Low TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP.


Turbo Compressor Micro filters provide the high quality compressed air that your critical pneumatic systems require. Microfilters all the dust, dirt, hydrocarbons, bacteria and absorbed from the atmospheric air, giving your machines, the air they deserve. Our Microfilters features High Efficiency filter element provides reliable clean air, Optimum design leads to minimal pressure losses, reliable sealing and Intelligent Condensate Drain.

Water Lubricated, Oil Less Screw Air Compressor

Turbo Compressor Introduces to the Indian Industry, a ground breaking, highly efficient, one of its kind environment friendly water lubricated, Oil Less Screw Air Compressors. With Application in Industries where completely oil-less air is required. Our Water Lubricated Compressor offer n number of features as No oil is required either in the Air End or in the Bearings or other rotating parts. Intelligent Lubrication, sealing and cooling, Ideal Iso-Thermal and Low Vibration and eradicating requirement of Drive Gear, Reduction of Industrial waste as Oil, Oil Filter and Oil Separator are NOT Required, Low maintenance and High Efficiency dure to Single Stage Compression, Less consumable Parts leading to reduced Maintenance Cost and Downtime.

Air Tank

The air storage tank is the supporting equipment of the air compressor. The air enters the compressor and then is pressurized and then sent to the air storage tank, and then is supplied to each location by the air storage tank pipeline. The main function of the air storage tank in the air compression system is to ensure a stable gas supply. The compressed air deposits water in the air storage tank adjusts the air pressure fluctuation of the pneumatic equipment due to the unbalanced air consumption, increases the pressure stability of the air equipment, or reserves a part of the compressed air, which can be used by the user when the air compressor fails. This part of the compressed air is used for emergency treatment of pneumatic equipment or pneumatic control systems

Turbo Touch Controller

The whole performance of the system status display, predictive maintenance instructions ,fault alarm and security downtime. All of the detection and control function to focus on the same interface, display in English. Stability of the micro computer control, Standardized design. Using high-tech microcomputer processor, could adjust automatically according to the demand of air compressor load. A powerful fault diagnosis and protection function, Professional cabling interface, reasonable, concise, clear, easy to maintain.

Features and Advantages of Fixed Speed Screw Air compressor

(1). Advanced High-Efficiency Air End
Adopts industry-leading screw air end, high efficiency, and low rotating speed. With the third generation tooth type of rotor, cutting-edge geometric design-stable, reliable, energy-saving and long service.

(2). Flexible Coupling Direct Drive
Adopts direct connection structure without any loss, transmission efficiency is 100%, maintenance cost is low, disassembles convenient, greatly save the downtime.
Easy maintenance–air end maintenance only needs to disassemble the air end, motor maintenance only needs to disassemble the motor, do not affect each other.

(3). Intelligent Microcomputer Control System
Adopts intelligent control system to ensure fully automated intelligent operation, detect exhaust pressure, temperature, and other field data, and control the exhaust pressure within the present pressure range through the intake valve, so as to output stable pressure.

(4). Safe, Reliable, and Efficient Motor
Adopts unique low-speed motor, protection grade IP55, insulation grade F, suitable for bad working conditions. High balance precision, high speed running smoothly

(5). Unique Heat Removal &Cooling System
Adopts advanced design, harmonica radiator, effectively increase the heat dissipation area, run faster and smoother, and take away the heat of the machine in time.
The heat exchange effect of the same area is 30% higher than that of the traditional cooler. Even in the Asia-Pacific region with high temperatures and high humidity, the normal operation of the unit can be guaranteed.

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